Stray Kids

Stray Kids Profile

Stray Kids formed during a reality show called the Survival Show - produced by JYP Entertainment. The group write most of their own songs and defined their name themselves. They are often referred to as SKZ by their fans and colleagues. They released their first EP Mixtape in 2018 followed shortly after by another EP I Am Not. They had huge success with the hit God's Menu in 2020 where to date it has had over 300 million views on YouTube.
The two members from Sydney Australia, Bang Chan (although originally born in South Korea) and Felix moved to Seoul to officially join other Stray Kids members Lee Know, Hyunjin, I.N, Changbin, Han and Seungmin. Other successful releases from Stray Kids include Go Live, Noeasy, In Life, I Am Who, I Am You, the Clé series: Miroh, Yellow Wood and Levanter - and the latest release Oddinary in 2022.